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Подпись: Measuring The Cost Of Aggressive DrivingПодпись: For every 5 miles of speed over 55 mph, a driver burns an extra gallon of fuel an hour.
            This equates to 8 to 10 gallons a day. At today’s cost of fuel ( $ 4.00 per gallon) that would equal $32.00 to $40.00 per day.
            Let’s just extend the $32.00 per day times 245 days of operation per year equals=$7840.00 per year in just wasted fuel expense.
            Excess speed also reduces engine life. There is a correlation between the number of pounds of fuel put through an engine and overall engine life.
            Speed and hard braking (tailgating) also have an effect Подпись: on tire and brake wear.
            Again, on a large bore diesel tractor a vehicle operating safely will get about 200,000 miles on a set of tires located on a drive axle. However excessive speed generates additional heat which reduces tire life.
            Studies show that unsafe drivers got only about 165,000 miles on a set of tires located on the drive axle. This is about 17.5% less tread life. A new drive tire cost about $300.00, therefore an unsafe driver cost additional $52.50 per tire from reduced tread life.
            If we took a tandem tractor with 8 drive tires, an unsafe driver would Подпись: cost us $52.50 times 8 tires or $420.00 in excess tire cost every 165,000 miles.
            The same goes for brake wear as for tires. Brakes will get 20% decrease in their life cycle.
            You can improve your diesel mileage by 3.3% by keeping your tires inflated properly. Under inflated tires can lower mileage by 0.4 percent for every 1 psi drop in pressure. Properly inflated tires are safer and extend the tread life and casing of the tire.
            All vehicles lose fuel economy at speeds above 65 mph. Driving 65 instead of 75 mph reduces fuel cost by 13%.

Editor: Christopher Prince-Director of Safety & Risk Management Services

October 17, 2008

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