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It is important for our employees and customers to know that we are committed to providing a safe and healthful work environment.  This commitment is based in a genuine concern for our employees and our customer’s employees.

It will be the policy of this company to place the highest priority on safety, health, and protection of the environment.  These priorities are defined by our safety policies/procedures, our customers’ policies/procedures as well as local, state, and federal laws.  We know that the achieving of these priorities is ongoing, and we will continually train and manage to achieve the highest standards in these areas.

We are committed that safety will be more than a “by-word”--it will be the way we do business.

At Silverline Transportation, Ltd. people are our most valued asset.  In establishing safety rules and regulations it is our goal to establish a work environment that protects that valued asset--you.

Safety is a team effort!  Ownership, management, and workers--all play a vital part.  Ownership/management recognizes its responsibility to provide a safety and healthful work place.  We are committed to do that.  Every employee has a responsibility to prevent accidents and injuries.  This is done by a combination of following established safety regulations, reporting unsafe conditions, giving practice to safety training, and by giving ideas to how you and your fellow employees can work more safely.

The policies and guidelines written in this safety book represent the cumulative knowledge and experience of those who have worked before you.  Learning from past mistakes is the key to preventing them in the future.

Policies and procedures can not be written for every possible work condition.  That is where your good judgment and common sense come into play.  It is your responsibility to exercise care and good judgment thereby providing yourself and your fellow employee an injury free day.



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